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Creators can generate sustainable, direct revenue from their audience by collecting small payments in 80+ currencies. Monetizing content was never easier!

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Rapid Integration and Launch

Getting started is simple and effortless. Accelerate your go-live with ready-to-use plugins for CMS like WordPress, and video players like Dailymotion, Brightcove, Vimeo, JW Player.

No Content Left Unmonetized

Monetize any content format that you have articles, podcasts, videos, and even file downloads, without hindering your audience experience.

Serve Global, Earn Local

Directly monetize global audiences in their home currency, and get your payouts in your local currency. Fewcents supports all leading local payment methods globally.

First-Party Data, First-Class Insights

Leverage first-party data to identify which audience pockets, from which countries, is willing to pay for what content.

Identify content that users value
Attract quality creators
Building social recognition
Generate incremental revenue without hurting advertising income
Monetize your content on any online source
Build direct relationships with your fans
Collect payments globally
Transform your hobbies into a career

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