Fewcents | Dailymotion

Fewcents | Dailymotion

Enabling a pay-per-video revenue stream for publishers and creators

Fewcents and Dailymotion partnership offers publishers and creators a pay-per-video revenue stream. Fewcents Paywall and Tipjar seamlessly integrate with the Dailymotion video player, without compromising ads revenue and without affecting the viewer experience.
Experience Fewcents for Dailymotion
Setup fees waived
(including for text, video)
100% revenue share for
first 50 creators for 1 year
Dedicated account

Experience Fewcents Paywall for Dailymotion

Capitalize on Key Moments

Trigger the Fewcents Paywall or Tipjar at critical timestamps that can influence viewers towards a payment.

Preserve Ads Revenue

Fewcents Paywall and Tipjar do not interrupt your existing ads revenue stream, so do not worry about cannibalization.


Podcast monetization seems limited. With Fewcents you can embed our Paywall inside any audio player. You can control the time stamp when you want to trigger the Fewcents Paywall.

Monetize Global Audiences

Maximize the earning potential from your videos by targeting specific countries with advanced geofencing and geo-pricing capabilities.

Serve Global, Earn Local

Fewcents supports 80+ currencies globally and all leading local payment methods. While viewers pay in their home currency, you will earn in your home currency.

Go Direct to Consumer

Drive traffic from platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and others to your website and maximize revenue (better RPM) from your high-quality videos.

First-Party Data

Leverage first-party data to identify which audience pockets, from which countries, is willing to pay for what content.

First-Party Data

Analyze who is willing to pay, how much, from which country, and for which content (and content type) and optimize your plans to cater to all audience pockets.

We are thrilled to promote viewership and offer premium content on our site, thanks to our collaboration with Fewcents. We look forward to unlocking a new revenue stream with our Dailymotion videos.
Edumar "Dumy" Madlangbayan
Vice President (VP) for Innovation and Business Development

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