Lead Software Engineer (Front-end)

Lead Software Engineer (Front-end)


Few¢ents (www.fewcents.co) was founded in 2020 with a clear mission —to unbundle premium content and make it easily monetizable in multiple currencies so that digital publishers can focus their efforts on writing enriching and authentic stories. We raised seed funding in 2021 and we are ready to go out and change the way people consume media at global scale.

We have a market-leading paywall and digital wallet solution that allows users to pay small amounts of money and unlock premium content (text, audio, or video) without having to buy subscriptions with each digital publisher.

We offer an SDK to digital publishers to embed Few¢ents paywall on their site. For publishers, we provide an administration portal to manage pricing of the their content and review audience analytics. Users also have a web portal to analyze their content consumption patterns with Few¢ents and load wallet balance in Few¢ents using local payment methods.

Job Description:

As a Frontend Engineer, you will build, develop and maintain components, applications, and SDKs for publishers, end users, and internal stakeholders. You must have a strong foundation in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Git. You will work closely with backend engineers and designers to work on a wide array of problem statements and product opportunities. This role gives an opportunity for you to gain new experience, grow your skills, and contribute meaningfully.



  • Bachelor's Degree or Diploma in Engineering or equivalent.
  • 5-10 years hands-on experience as frontend engineer.
  • Proactive and collaborative.
  • Work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Effective written and verbal communication.
  • Expert in HTML, CSS, React.js, JavaScript and Git.
  • Comfortable using React to build UI components.
  • Expert in client-side optimisations.
  • Strong knowledge in Jamstack frameworks (Gatsby/Next/Svelte).
  • Familiarity with Web Components.
  • Working knowledge of native mobile app development



Anywhere in India

Technical Proficiency

HTML, CSS, React.js, JavaScript, Git, Jamstack

Language Proficiency



Bachelor's Degree or Diploma in Engineering or equivalent


Full-time, Permanent


5-10 years

Why should you be excited:


Please write to hr@fewcents.co: