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Message from the Founders

Wednesday, May 5, 2021
Message from the Founders

Dear Stakeholders,

We are grateful for the belief shown by our early investors, publishers and users to join us in our mission to democratize access to quality content at global scale.

For most publishers, “content is king” is the mantra again and reader revenue is high on the agenda. Micro-payments is a form of reader revenue that appeals to a much larger audience than subscriptions. This is exactly where Few¢ents can help.

On a mission to monetize non-subscribers better

Few¢ents started when our founders were fatigued with subscription paywalls. There had to be a better way to access quality content without subscribing to every publication! Unbundling this content could solve this problem. But it needed to be done in a way where publishers can earn incremental revenue, while maintaining a direct relationship with their users, and, at the same time, provide local payment convenience to users. We built Few¢ents to solve this complex problem.

The end result is a distributed paywall and digital rights management system, with a unified user login across multiple publishers. This system is layered with cross-border micropayments in 50+ currencies, allowing publishers to monetize casual visitors at global scale.

Few¢ents can help publishers look beyond page views for all formats, including text, audio, video, and file downloads. Our solution helps publishers understand:

  • which content is monetizable
  • at what price
  • from which geographies

Not only do we help monetize casual visitors, but also, we help build a qualified subscriber funnel and provide analytics to build custom content bundles for each user segment.

What does this investment mean for us?

On average users will have 1-2 subscriptions across genres such as OTT, News, Niche, etc. However, there are tens of other destinations where an average user is referred by their LinkedIn and Facebook feed, or a friend / group on WhatsApp. As such, there is an overwhelming need for an ubiquitous paywall with micropayments facility to unlock quality content without subscriptions.

For Few¢ents to attain ubiquity, we will allocate a large part of this fund raise towards distribution partnerships with content management systems and creator platforms across text, audio, and video formats. In addition, we are hiring seasoned business development candidates in USA, UK, and Australia. We are specifically looking for folks who have held positions of revenue responsibility at digital publishers or served digital publishers as AdTech or Subscription technology vendors in their past life.

To make life easy for users and publishers we need to start moving from discovery to guided insights and recommendations. As such, developing our analytics and AI engine will also be paramount to our success.

Way forward.

Each one of us has an insatiable appetite for quality content. With modern tools at our disposal, every creator, independent or linked to an organization, deserves direct monetization and recognition for their work. Few¢ents makes local currency micropayments possible and it is our mission to make creators’ work accessible to all audiences in any part of the world.

As founders, we are also looking to educate ourselves about Crypto and NFTs. It would be great to ideate about quality content monetization beyond Fiat and envision the future together.

You can reach us via LinkedIn, whether you have a topic that you would like to discuss, an idea, a question or just to say ‘hi’ – Few¢ents is our deepest passion and we are always happy to chat about this.

Abhishek Dadoo,

Dushyant Khare

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