À-la-carte WordPress Monetization

À la carte WordPress Monetization

Fewcents WordPress Plugin unlocks incremental revenue from 'Never-Subscribers'

Get Started in 2 Steps: Download the plugin from WordPress Marketplace - Activate the plugin to implement Fewcents

Download Plugin

Easy to Install

Implement the Fewcents Paywall or Tipjar in 3 simple steps to start monetizing your WordPress site. WordPress marketplace listing coming soon.

Paywall or Tipjar

Running monetization experiments is as easy as toggling between the Fewcents Tipjar and Fewcents Paywall at an individual article-level from your Fewcents Site Dashboard.


Podcast monetization seems limited. With Fewcents you can embed our Paywall inside any audio player. You can control the time stamp when you want to trigger the Fewcents Paywall.

Plugin Customization

Customize the look and feel of the Fewcents Tipjar or Paywall to preserve your brand experience, with no dependency on tech resources.

Granular Pricing Control

Define pricing at a content format level (article, video, podcast, downloadable) or a section/vertical/category level. You can also set pricing for specific countries and states, depending on the breakup of site traffic.

First-Party Data

Capture valuable first-party data to better understand your audience. Fewcents analytics offers insights on content consumption, enabling you to plan for deeper audience engagement.

Easy Payouts

At the end of the month, all collections are paid out in your home currency.

First-Party Data

Analyze who is willing to pay, how much, from which country, and for which content (and content type) and optimize your plans to cater to all audience pockets.

Integrating Fewcents with the WordPress plugin is so easy and effortless that it took us literally 5 minutes to inject the code and implement Fewcents on our website!
Juergen Steinmetz
CEO at TravelNewsGroup
To recognize our efforts, Fewcents Tipjar was the perfect solution. Not only does it support our global audience, it also has a WordPress plugin that guaranteed a quick and easy integration.
Jappen Pasricha
Founder of Feminism In India

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