More Payments from Every Visitor

Multi-publisher paywall and contribution solution for small payments in addition to ads and subscriptions.
Fewcents helps publishers and creators
manage digital rights monetize text, audio, video formats analyze first-party data collect small payments in 50+ currencies control geo-pricing and geo-visibility

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Monetize Casual Visitors with Small Payments


A plug-and-play solution for unbundling quality content and monetizing never-subscribers and casual audiences.

Incremental revenue without
cannibalizing subscription

Rich data for:
Audience-based pricing
Geography-based pricing
Content bundling

Nurture casual visitors
towards loyalty



A plug and play solution for unbundling quality
content and monetizing never-subscribers.

A plug-and-play contributions solution that enables global audiences to make contributions and show their appreciation for your content and authors.

Generate incremental
revenue without hurting
advertising income

Identify content
that users value

Attract quality

Building social

Bridge the monetistation gap between
ads and subscription

DailySocial Achieved 10x Revenue Per Mille (RPM)

Founded in 2008, DailySocial is Indonesia’s #1 news portal for startup and technology innovation receiving over 1.5 million pageviews each month.


  • Low quality content that could not be monetized
  • Indonesian audience has low willingness to pay


  • 10X RPM compared to programmatic display ads
  • 71% of payments came from digital wallets in Indonesia

Fewcents was the first step towards the design and launch
of a complementary subscription offering

The Layers that Power Fewcents


Just plug-and-play. Designed keeping business and non-technical teams in mind.

  • WordPress plugin to get started instantly. Easily integrates with every other CMS
  • Pre-built integrations with popular video players, including Dailymotion, Brightcove, Vimeo, JW Player
  • Automatic content discovery
  • Supports all content formats - text, audio, video, file downloads


Built on top of a strong Fintech foundation.

  • Supports local currencies across 65+ countries
  • Pre-integrated with local payments methods in 50+ countries
  • Out-of-the box regulatory compliance


Actionable insights to feed your subscriber funnel

  • Analyze who is willing to pay, how much, and for which content
  • Identify the right content-audience-price mix
  • GDRP-compliance with Fewcents first-party data framework


A central command center and dashboard for Editorial and Business teams.

  • Time-bound digital content rights
  • Configure pricing by geography, by category, or for individual content
  • Subdomain management
  • AMP ready


Seamless, intuitive experience for publishers and audiences.

  • Fewcents sign-in or single sign-in with publisher’s IDM
  • Easy signup for your audience
  • One-click checkout for Fewcents account users

Fewcents Simplifies Content Monetization

Digital Publishers

Ads-led or subscription-led publishers can benefit from incremental revenue

Community Platforms

Garner social recognition for your creators, and attract more quality creators to your platform


Creators can generate revenue directly from audiences without any other middleware

Tipjar is a great opportunity for us to experiment and get more data on what content our readers value the most. It's easy to install and navigate, which is especially relevant for us at this stage of our development.
Jakub Parusinski
The Fix
This new feature on Indonesiana was presented to appreciate the writers on the channel. Every article is the fruit of the author's thoughts. Of course, apart from spreading ideas, their writing should be able to provide material benefits for writers. That's why we facilitate it by collaborating with Fewcents to monetize content.
Anton Septian
Executive Editor, Tempo Inti Media
Fewcents enabled us to pursue our dream of sustainable journalism…. Recommending Fewcents to all media companies looking to enable new business models for a better future of journalism.
Rama Mamuaya
CEO at DailySocial

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