About Few¢ents

We are on a mission to make good content easily monetisable so that publishers can focus their efforts on writing enriching and authentic stories.

Why we started Fewcents

The online news subscription model may be working well for the Big Ones. But it leaves little room for the others.

Why does the subscription model work in favour of bigger news publishers than smaller, lesser-known ones? Based on research, people tend to subscribe to only ONE online news publication—and if it's going to be only one, they're more likely to go all-in for the "bigger fish".

With Fewcents, you can monetise the in-between space between subscriptions and... absolutely nothing.

Few¢ents's pay-as-you-go micropayments module helps monetise your readers community better, targeting non-subscribers and infrequent visitors. You can expect higher returns without paying fixed costs (for our platform) as compared to subscription models and ad reliance.

Meet the team

Abhisek Dadoo
Dushyant Khare
Joachim Ackermann
Director (IDP-C) & Advisor - Growth & Transformation Leader - General Manager
Prantik Mazumdar
Managing Director,
CXM Group at Dentsu International
Kenneth Bishop
Managing Director
at Disruptive,
Facebook Alumni
Shiv Choudhury
Head of Boston Consulting Group's Consumer Practice for ASEAN

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