Introducing Micro Access

What are Micropayments?

In the age of digital media and publishing, a “micropayment” is a small financial transaction, usually involving low sums of money. Micropayments are a new way to monetize digital content, allowing consumers to pay small amounts to publishers and creators in order to access individual pieces of content.

Fewcents has expanded on the micropayments model with our Fewcents Wall solution for digital media. We call it Micro Access.

What is Micro Access?

Micro access is a game-changing approach to the way people can access content. It creates the opportunity for a simple exchange: users gain access to a single piece of content (an article, podcast, or video) in exchange for something small - a micropayment OR a piece of data.

This approach allows people to choose how they want to access content; it introduces flexibility and reduces barriers for users who see little value in long-term subscriptions