Introducing Micro Access

What are Micropayments?

In the age of digital media and publishing, a “micropayment” is a small financial transaction, usually involving low sums of money. Micropayments are a new way to monetize digital content, allowing consumers to pay small amounts to publishers and creators in order to access individual pieces of content.

Fewcents has expanded on the micropayments model with our Fewcents Wall solution for digital media. We call it Micro Access.

What is Micro Access?

Micro access is a game-changing approach to the way people can access content. It creates the opportunity for a simple exchange: users gain access to a single piece of content (an article, podcast, or video) in exchange for something small - a micropayment OR a piece of data.

This approach allows people to choose how they want to access content; it introduces flexibility and reduces barriers for users who see little value in long-term subscriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fewcents Wall?

Fewcents Wall is a plug-and-play widget which is designed to enable Micro Access for digital media. It creates choice for users and monetization opportunities for publishers.

Fewcents Wall comes bundled with a paywall, Fewcents Beacon, and Fewcents Sponsorships and works across all content formats. For users, it is a regulated wallet supporting payments in 90+ currencies, single account and universal login. It embeds into a website and integrates easily with existing CMS and subscription software through a few lines of code. Integration can take between 30 mins and 2 weeks, after which there is no need for further technology team involvement.

Fewcents Paywall
Fewcents Wall Benefits
Why can't a publisher build the Fewcents Wall themselves?

Fewcents Wall is a comprehensive technology solution designed specifically to cater to the needs of Digital Media. The front-end user experience seamlessly integrates with ease, providing a streamlined and frictionless process for both users and publishers. This is made possible through the management of numerous complex partnerships and rigorous regulatory approvals by Fewcents.

Regulations and Wallet

Fewcents Wall’s features and operation are regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and is compliant with global financial regulations. It is a low friction media wallet licensed for global use. It supports universal login and stored money, enabling users to access content with one click and one account across publishers. 

Global Payments

Fewcents Wall provides global reach with payment and content localization and personalization. It supports payments in 90+ currencies.

Analytics and Benchmarks

Fewcents Wall is powered by a robust administration panel and analytics dashboard which allows for easy content access customization, continuous learning and iteration. It also effectively supplements a recirculation strategy and content discovery.

Administration and Integration

Fewcents Wall is a JavaScript/SDK that integrates easily with your software stack and comes bundled with Fewcents Paywall, Fewcents Beacon, and Fewcents Sponsorships. Integration can take between 30 mins and 2 weeks, after which there is no need for further technology team involvement.

User Experience

Fewcents is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for both publishers and users. We continuously improve the performance, user interface, and speed of Fewcents Wall, based on usage and conversion data.

Fewcents Wall Features
What is the effort required to integrate fewcents?

Fewcents Wall is a low effort solution and only requires a few lines of code. Integration can take between 30 mins and 2 weeks, after which there is no need for further technology team involvement. Most changes are easily performed via the Fewcents Dashboard - eg. pricing changes, geofencing, category or content selection for paywall activation etc,.

Built to integrate with existing online media systems
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