Fewcents Wall

Turn casual visitors Into Engaged Users

Fewcents reimagines micropayments to individual content with global payments and sponsorships. Built for any digital media, the Fewcents Wall is a plug-and-play widget that unlocks revenue and data from undervalued casual visitors.

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Fewcents Paywall Generates Revenue, Data, And Traffic

Grow Subscribers Globally

No cannibalization - Grow subscription funnel by targeting casual visitors with low propensity to subscribe.

Target Casual Visitors

Leverage Fewcents rules and smart pricing to target casual visitors. E.g. audiences from social media, international geos, low converting content categories, or users who reject subscriptions.

Engage and Grow Audiences

Grow first party data and recirculate audiences via Fewcents Recommendations. Feed real-time data into your user retention systems.

SEO Friendly Solution

SEO friendly client side implementation allows search engines to continue discovering and indexing content.

Offer High-Yield Sponsorships to Brands

Fewcents Rewards enables micro sponsorship for specific content categories and geos, in exchange for form-fill with user consent.

Package Sponsorships With Ads

Publisher ad sales teams can bundle user data with existing advertising packages and deliver higher CPMs.

Identify Quality Content with Fewcents’ Data Signals

Micro-access data delivers precise content quality signals. The Fewcents’ Pageviews X Conversions Matrix provides actionable insights for editorial, audience, and business teams.

Insights for editorial, audience, and business functions

• Editorial: Improve editorial content by identifying high-converting, high-quality content.
• Audience: Promote high-converting content to grow engagement and subscriptions.
• Business: Adjust pricing to maximize revenues.

Features of Fewcents Paywall

Easy Start

Few lines of code.  JavaScript/SDK that integrates easily with your existing software stack.

Easily Integrates With Common Softwares and PlatformsContent Gets Auto Indexed As Soon As It's Created
  • Readymade Integrations

    Integrate with any content management system, subscription platform, video player, customer data platform, and CRM. AMP solution is also available.

    Modular Integration

    Integrate easily with custom and homegrown systems.

  • Auto Indexing

    Automatically index your published content in real-time. No manual entry required.

    Control By Category & Geo

    Activate Fewcents Wall based on content categories and geographies.

  • Launch Strategy

    Proven pricing and content selection strategies to launch successfully with low risk.

    Actionable Data

    Alter pricing and content strategy based on Fewcents Analytics.

  • Local Pricing

    Set content price in your home currency. Global users will see FX adjusted price in their local currency.

    Low Friction

    Make it easy for users to judge the value of content in local currency.

Easily Integrates With Common Softwares and PlatformsContent Gets Auto Indexed As Soon As It's Created

Regulations Compliant

Out-of-the-box compliance for global payments and user data.

Global Payment Methods
  • Global Payments

    200+ local payment options pre-integrated across 100+ countries.

    Low Friction Pay-ins

    Collect payments in the local currency of the user.

  • Data Privacy

    Secured and consent based data flows for user registration and form-fills.

    Data Privacy

    We work with third-party service providers where all data is shared in a compliant manner

  • Home Currency Payouts

    Monthly payouts in your home currency.

    Granular Reporting

    Easy Sales Tax and Withholding Tax calculations

Global Payment Methods

Easy Administration

Manage and monitor performance to adjust to your strategy. No engineering resources needed.

  • Partner Portal

    Category-geo matrix to control Fewcents Wall visibility and content pricing.

    Partner Portal

    You can control some of the messaging on the Fewcents Wall.

  • Actionable Reporting

    Data dashboard to analyze conversions and optimize messaging and pricing of the Fewcents Wall and Fewcents Rewards campaigns.


    Leverage our real-time data feed to optimize reader revenue, marketing channels, and editorial decisions.

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