Solutions for Ad-supported Media

Diversify & Boost Revenue. Collect First Party Data.
Re-engage Premium Audiences

The Ad Revenue Model is Challenged & Declining

Technology is shifting away from third party cookies. First party data acquisition is critical for personalization and engaging audiences. Traditional ad revenue streams are at risk.

Micro Access Delivers a New Revenue Stream

Micro access meaningfully boosts and diversifies revenue while:

• Complementing existing revenue streams
• Providing compelling methods of user-consented first party data collection

Fewcents is leading this revolution, providing a seamless micro access platform through its Fewcents Wall.

Micro access is a game-changing approach to content access. Users can exchange small transactions (micropayments) or data for access to individual content - an article, podcast, or video.

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Introducing Fewcents Wall

Fewcents reimagines micropayments for individual content with global payments and sponsorships. Built for any digital media, the Fewcents Wall is a plug-and-play widget that unlocks revenue and data from undervalued casual visitors

Build a Strong First Party Database

Collect valuable first party data. Grow user registrations. Enable personalized content and targeted marketing.

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Diversify Revenue Streams

Add a micropayment revenue stream. Explore micro sponsorships. Boost display ad revenue.

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Ensure High ROI

Create a smooth, user friendly experience with a single account and inbuilt wallet, leading to higher return on investment

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Identify Quality Content

Understand what content users value based on their micro access decisions.

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Grow Audience Engagement

Transform your audience from passive to active readers, driving deeper engagement and interaction with your content

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Integrate Effortlessly

Seamlessly integrate Fewcents Wall with existing Content Management Systems (CMS) and tech stacks using a few lines of code

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Case Study

Historia X Fewcents
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• 80x increase in transactions
• 22x revenue growth
• Average RPM increased 15x

“Moving to Fewcents has been a great decision for Historia, not only to meaningfully increase conversions, get a high volume of first party data, and free up our tech team’s time, but also is helping us to build a better subscription strategy.”

- Bonnie Triyana, Founder and Chief Editor of Historia

Case Study

Football Channel X Fewcents
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• 3.5x increase in Page RPM
• Stable ad revenues despite new revenue model integration
• Gained invaluable first-party data

"Micro-payments could become a low-risk method to initiate payment models…we plan to focus on high-revenue articles, enhancing the coexistence of advertising monetization and paid content."

- Kato, Editor-in-chief, Football Critique Online

How It Works

Integration is lightning fast. Fewcents plugs in seamlessly with any Subscription or CMS system, with only a few lines of code.

Decide where and how Fewcents shows up:
• Older / Archived content
• Specific content categories, authors, dates or tags
• Unique formats ( video, audio, research reports)
• International traffic
• Pricing decisions

Start with only 10%-20% of pageviews

Immediately start collecting payments from users across 80+ currencies and 200+ local payment methods.

Get first party data & insights from Fewcents Dashboards & APIs to 
• Optimize content 
• Re-engage premium audience
• Grow Sponsorships
• Build a Subscription Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Fewcents Wall impact my page views and ad revenues?

Whether you are an expansive digital platform or a niche blog, the once-reliable ad revenue model is challenged and declining. The demise of third party cookies and the increasing importance of first party data signal an urgent need for new monetization channels. Fewcents Wall provides this much needed diversification of revenue without impacting page views or existing ad revenues, while also providing ways to collect user consented first party data.

How Do We Ensure No Impact? 

We start with a low-risk, test & learn strategy and implement Fewcents Wall on no more than 10%-20% pageviews only. We can do this by selecting specific content categories, sections (eg.archives) or unique formats, optimizing based on category performance. Fewcents Wall will allow a publisher to lock the selected content, while leaving existing revenue generating banner advertising untouched. These tried and tested methods have produced no material decline in ad revenues.  

Publishers can also introduce brand sponsorships to drive incremental revenue and first party data collection.

Fewcents Wall Benefits
Who decides where Fewcents Wall shows up and the pricing of content?

The publisher decides where Fewcents Wall shows up, and can make all decisions from a dashboard. They can choose geographies, content categories, individual articles and set up rules (e.g all articles older than 1 month). Pricing is also completely the publisher’s choice, but Fewcents can make recommendations based on benchmarks. All these decisions can be changed or iterated at any time.

Reporting and Administration
What reporting do I get access to?

Fewcents provides a dashboard with detailed performance reports. Standard reports include daily/weekly/monthly performance statistics based on conversions, yields, geographies, device type, etc. Customized reports can be created as well. 

Reports can also be fed into ‌publishers’ data systems via secure APIs.

Reporting and Administration
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