Solutions for Subscription Media

Engage Casual Users to Build a Subscription Funnel

Less Than 2 % of Users Pay for Subscriptions

More than 98% of users are under-monetized. Publications must find ways to convert a higher number of users into subscribers.

Unleash the Power of Micro Access to Grow Subscriptions

Micro Access can grow reader revenue while:

• Getting more users into the subscription funnel
• Ensuring no cannibalization of subscriptions
• Monetizing non-subscribers better than ads

Fewcents is leading this revolution, providing a seamless micro access platform through its Fewcents Wall.

Micro access is a game-changing approach to content access. Users can exchange small transactions (micropayments) or data for access to individual content - an article, podcast, or video.

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Introducing Fewcents Wall

Fewcents reimagines micropayments for individual content with global payments and sponsorships. Built for any digital media, the Fewcents Wall is a plug-and-play widget that unlocks revenue and data from undervalued casual visitors

Bigger Subscription Funnel

Get more users to enter the top of the funnel by lowering the barrier to pay. Lower price tags, and no commitments.

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More Reader Revenue from Non Subscribers

Monetize the 98% of users that don’t subscribe 4x-10x higher than ads.

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More User Registrations

Re-imagine registration walls with micro access, giving the user more control & choice.

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Identify Quality Content

Identify what content will further drive up subscription conversions.

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Grow Audience Engagement

Transform your casual audience from passive to active readers, driving deeper engagement and interaction with your content.

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Integrate Effortlessly

Seamlessly integrate Fewcents Wall with subscription solutions using a few lines of code.

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Case Study

Manila Times X Fewcents
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• 2x growth in subscriptions
• 2.8x increase in mobile web conversions
• Steady advertising RPMs post-paywall integration

“Fewcents gives us valuable data to understand what content users are willing to pay for, and has helped us expand our subscription business."

- Dante “Klink” Ang 2nd, Chairman and CEO, The Manila Times

Case Study

Hindu BusinessLine X Fewcents
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• Achieved a 5% uptick in user registrations
• Tripled first-party data acquisition
• Enhanced audience engagement through segmentation

“The Fewcents solution has made a positive impact on our user registration growth by giving the user more power to choose how they want to access our paid content.”

- Pradeep Gairola, VP and Business Head, The Hindu Group

How It Works

Integration is lightning fast. Fewcents plugs in seamlessly with any Subscription or CMS system, with only a few lines of code.

Decide where and how Fewcents shows up:
• Pricing to ensure that frequent users will continue to subscribe
• International traffic
• Low subscription converting categories (eg archives)
• Users with low propensity to subscribe

Fewcents works with you to monitor micro access performance vs subscriptions, and adjust strategy, if needed.

Immediately start collecting payments from users across 80+ currencies and 200+ local payment methods.

Use Fewcents Dashboards & APIs to analyze data, optimize, and build nurture direct relationships with users.
• Optimize Revenues, Grow Conversions with First Party Data
• Re-engage premium audience towards subscriptions - with option to ingest data into your own CDP
• Build first party, direct relationships with users
• Inform a better a content strategy for subscriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

My subscription provider enables pay-per-content already. Why should I use Fewcents?

A successful pay-per-content strategy relies on a dynamic, seamless, and easy-to-use product for publishers and users.

  • Publishers must have the ability to quickly and effortlessly customize their pricing strategy for different markets, categories or even per article, without the need for hard coding or tech support. They should also consistently gather a range of data to pinpoint which content users are willing to pay for, in order to continually enhance their subscription offerings and content strategy.
  • Users should have a frictionless experience through features like single-account, universal login, wallet and multi-currency payments

At Fewcents, pay-per-content (Micro Access) is the cornerstone of our operations, and we continually strive to improve the user experience and make management easier for publishers.

Fewcents Wall Features
Who decides where Fewcents Wall shows up and the pricing of content?

The publisher decides where Fewcents Wall shows up, and can make all decisions from a dashboard. They can choose geographies, content categories, individual articles and set up rules (e.g all articles older than 1 month). Pricing is also completely the publisher’s choice, but Fewcents can make recommendations based on benchmarks. All these decisions can be changed or iterated at any time.

Reporting and Administration
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