Micro Sponsorships

Brand Sponsorship for Premium Content

Grow Yield Further By 2 x to 15x For High Quality Content

Fewcents Wall allows brands to sponsor access to publishers’ premium content in exchange for consented first party user data.

The Rewards Ecosystem

More Conversions for Publishers

• 2x to 15x higher conversions for paywall content
• No extra integration work; comes bundled with Fewcents Wall
• Control of the sponsor blacklist for their site

Qualified Leads for Brand Sponsors

• Campaigns targeted based on publisher, context and user geo
• Leads received in real-time via API or offlineMultiple brand exposures

Premium Content Access for Users

• Free immediate access and satisfaction
• Choice to access content via easy payments or first party data sharing

Case Study

IIM Lucknow x BQ Prime and Founding Fuel
Read this case study


• BQ Prime conversions increased by 4X
• Founding Fuel conversions increased by 15X


• 90% of the leads were verified as high quality
• Low cost
• High ROAS

“Fewcents Rewards opened up a new revenue stream through an easy to implement feature. There was no extra integration effort and we saw a 4x increase in paywall conversions."

- Niyati Rajput, Subscription Lead, BQ Prime

How It Works

No additional integration work is required

Agree pricing, messaging and creative, and targeting with micro sponsorship brand partner:
• Audience targeting
• Demographic targeting
• Topic targeting
• Geographic targeting

Immediately start collecting leads and first party data from users

Use Fewcents Dashboards & APIs to track and share campaign performance data with brand partner

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Micropayments and Micro Access?

The key innovation of Micro Access is its flexibility and the reduction of barriers for users, especially those who may not find value in committing to long-term subscriptions.

  • Micropayments refer to small financial transactions, typically involving low sums of money. It allows consumers to make small payments to access individual pieces of digital content, such as articles, podcasts, or videos. In the micropayments model, money is directly paid to publishers and creators for their content.
  • Micro Access, as developed by Fewcents with our Fewcents Wall solution, builds upon the concept of micropayments but extends it by adding an additional dimension of flexibility and choice. In addition to a micropayment, micro access also enables access to a single piece of content in exchange for first party data. This approach broadens the ways in which users can engage with content, providing them with the choice between paying with money or sharing some form of data.
Who decides where Fewcents Wall shows up and the pricing of content?

The publisher decides where Fewcents Wall shows up, and can make all decisions from a dashboard. They can choose geographies, content categories, individual articles and set up rules (e.g all articles older than 1 month). Pricing is also completely the publisher’s choice, but Fewcents can make recommendations based on benchmarks. All these decisions can be changed or iterated at any time.

Reporting and Administration
What reporting do I get access to?

Fewcents provides a dashboard with detailed performance reports. Standard reports include daily/weekly/monthly performance statistics based on conversions, yields, geographies, device type, etc. Customized reports can be created as well. 

Reports can also be fed into ‌publishers’ data systems via secure APIs.

Reporting and Administration
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