Fewcents Content Guidelines

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  1. Monetise Pte. Ltd. (“Fewcents”, “our” or “we”) is an internet intermediary which provides publishers of content with services such as the facilitation of Micropayments, content hosting, etc. 
  2. A Client using any aspect of the Fewcents Services, which involves the dissemination or publication of any content, such as the Link-out Feature or the Micropayments service, is bound to adhere to the content guidelines set out herein (“Content Guidelines”). These Content Guidelines form an integral part of the Terms of Service, and form part of the binding legal agreement between the Client and Fewcents. 
  3. Where any User believes that any Hosted Material violates these Content Guidelines, they may report such Hosted Material by writing to us at legal@fewcents.co. We will endeavour to resolve all such grievances within a reasonable time period, as mandated under applicable law. Any decision taken by us relating to any grievance will be binding on the User.
    For Users located in India, you may contact Dushyant Khare, Grievance Officer at Email: legal@fewcents.co
  4. Where we become aware of any violation of these Content Guidelines, we may remove/sever such content from the Fewcents Services, and take such other actions in accordance with Clause 6.1(iv) of the Terms of Service.
  5. Where any content is removed or de-linked from the Fewcents Services, or a Client’s access to Fewcents Service l is disabled, pursuant to a violation of these Content Guidelines, Fewcents will provide notice to the Client/affected party of the actions taken as soon as practicable, which may be before or after the implementation of such actions, at Fewcents’ sole discretion. Affected parties may appeal against such decision/action by writing to us at legal@fewcents.co within seven (7) days of receipt of the aforesaid notification. 
  6. Where any Hosted Material is taken down on account of a request from competent law enforcement or government agency, or upon receipt of an order/direction from a court of competent jurisdiction, we will notify the publisher of such Hosted Material of the details of such request/order/direction and in such a case, the Client may appeal the said decision before the court of competent jurisdiction.
  7. Any undefined term in these Content Guidelines shall have the meaning ascribed to it in the Terms of Service. 

    Prohibited Content
    No person may publish or make available any information or content that qualifies under any one or more of the following categories.
  8. Promotion of online falsehood and manipulation:
    8.1.   Content that is patently false and untrue, and is written or published in any form,        with the intent to         mislead or harass a person, entity or agency for financial gain or  to cause any injury to any person.
    8.2.  Content that contains a false statement of fact.
    8.3.  Content that deceives or misleads the user about its origin or knowingly and intentionally communicates         any information which is patently false or misleading but may reasonably be perceived as a fact.
    8.4.  Content that falsifies or denies well-documented and violent events that have taken or are taking place.
  9. Harmful to Minors
    9.1.   Content that is harmful to a minor in any manner.
    9.2.  Content that contains or normalizes the trade or distribution of child sexual abuse material or child         pornography.
    9.3.  Content that depicts, solicits, normalizes, glorifies, or encourages child abuse or sexual activity with          minors or nudity amongst minors. 
    9.4.  Content that solicits, normalizes, glorifies, or encourages minors to connect with an adult on another          website, mobile application, or any other digital resource.
    9.5.  Content that solicits, depicts, promotes, normalizes, or glorifies grooming behaviour.
    9.6.  Content that solicits, depicts, imitates, or promotes the consumption or trade of alcohol, tobacco, or         drugs by a minor.
    9.7.   Content that solicits nude imagery or sexual contact through coercion.
    9.8.   Content that incentivizes, exploits, or takes advantage of any child victim of any abuse, sexual or          otherwise, or their story/confessions/information relating to such abuse.
    9.9.   Content that depicts, normalizes or encourages a minor to engage in nudity or sexual activity.
    9.10.  Content that depicts, normalizes or encourages physical abuse, neglect, endangerment, or psychological          disparagement of minor.
    9.11.   Content that depicts, normalizes or encourages minors to use dangerous tools or weapons and/or          participate in dangerous, harmful, or life-threatening activities.
    9.12.  Content that depicts, glorifies, normalizes or encourages minors to engage in self-harm or suicide.
    9.13.  Content that depicts, glorifies, normalizes or encourages minors to indulge in disordered eating or          dangerous weight loss behaviour associated with disordered eating.
  10. Obscene content
    10.1.  Content that is obscene or has been adjudicated by a court of competent jurisdiction to be obscene.
    10.2. Content that promotes, glorifies, or normalises users to engage in obscene or sexual activity publicly.
    10.3. Content that promotes, glorifies, or normalises users to engage in pedophilic activity.
    10.4. Content that promotes, glorifies, or normalises any person to engage in non-consensual sexual activity.
    10.5. Content that promotes, glorifies, or normalises any person to engage in sexual abuse or sexual violence.
    10.6. Content that promotes, glorifies, or normalises any person to transmit, publish, or share any material          depicting another person in full or partial nudity without their consent.
    10.7.  Content that promotes, glorifies, or normalises any person to solicit sexual favours or indulge in sexual          harassment or sexual assault.
    10.8. Content that contains, normalizes, or encourages the use of sexually explicit language depicting or          describing a minor or any vulnerable groups.
    10.9.  Content that modifies an image of another individual to depict, whether directly or indirectly,           involvement in sexual activity or nudity.
    10.10. Content that depicts or threatens to reveal the details of person’s sexual life or sexual orientation           without their consent.
  11. Other unlawful content
    11.1.  Content that depicts, promotes, normalises, or encourages others to indulge in illegal activities.
    11.2. Content that is defamatory.
    11.3. Content that is invasive of another’s privacy, including bodily privacy.
    11.4. Content that is discriminatory, insulting or harassing on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, caste, sexual         orientation, nationality, appearance, personality traits, hygiene, intellect, medical condition, etc.
    11.5. Content that includes the use of non-self-referential insults.
    11.6. Content that solicits, normalises, glorifies, or promotes inflicting any violence or hostility against any         person or group of persons on the difference in political ideologies or opinions, gender, sexual         orientation, religion, caste, race, ethnicity, medical condition, \or nationality.
    11.7.  Content that promotes, supports, or advertises conversion therapy or other such programs or initiatives.
    11.8. Content that promotes, glorifies, supports violent acts or extremist organizations or individuals or        encourages users to participate in such activities in any manner, including solicitation to volunteer or        become a part of such extremist organizations.
    11.9.  Content with details that represent violent extremist organizations or individuals.
    11.10. Content that solicits, depicts, imitates, or promotes the consumption or trade of alcohol, tobacco, or          drugs.
    11.11.   Content that promotes, glorifies or normalises physical, mental and/or emotional abuse or violence.
    11.12.  Content that promotes, glorifies, or normalises inflicting self-harm in any manner, including committing          suicide.
    11.13. Content that impersonates another person.
    11.14. Content that contains software virus or any other computer code, file or program designed to interrupt,          destroy or limit the functionality of any computer resource.
    11.15. Content that ridicules victims of tragedies or events or encourages, normalizes persons to ridicule such         victims.
    11.16. Content that promotes, glorifies, or normalises cyber bullying, cyber stalking, trolling.
    11.17. Content that ridicules another person’s life choices or activities.
    11.18. Content that promotes, glorifies, or normalises the use of personal information belonging to another         person without their consent.
    11.19. Content that threatens to blackmail an individual or to hack an individual's account with a bank, or         another platform.
    11.20. Content that depicts, promotes, normalises, or encourages others to possess, trade in, or be involved in           the use or trade of illegal firearms, weapons, ammunition, drugs, alcohol, controlled substances, or other           restricted or prohibited tools or products.
    11.21.  Content that solicits, normalises, or encourages others to promote phishing, betting, gambling, lottery,          Ponzi schemes, multi-level marketing schemes, and other similar services or activities.
    11.22. Content that depicts, solicits, normalises, or encourages other to abuse or inflict harm of animals.
    11.23. Content that is intended to interfere with elections.
    11.24. Content that violates any law for the time being in force.
  12. Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights
    12.1.   Content that belongs to another person and the user does not have any right to it.
    12.2. Content that infringes any patent, trademark, copyright, or other proprietary rights of any other person.
  13. Security of state
    13.1.  Content that threatens defence, security or sovereignty of any country. 
    13.2. Content that causes incitement to the commission of any offence or prevents investigation of any          offence or is insulting to any nation.
    13.3. Content that promotes, glorifies, normalizes waging war against another nation.