User Registrations

Drive Account Registrations And Newsletter Signups

Incentivize Users to Register

Fewcents Wall allows publishers to use premium content to drive user registrations and newsletter signups. Gives the user a choice to unlock content via a micropayment or sharing first party data.

User Registrations And Signups

More Registrations for Publishers

• Registration 2.0; drives higher conversions for newsletters and accounts than traditional registration walls
• Registrations can be automated via API

Audience Building for Engagement Funnels

User registrations unlock personalized re-engagement opportunities:

• Customer data platform (CDP) integrations enable creation of reader segments and improve performance of Newsletters and Push-Notifications

Premium Content Access for Users

• Free immediate access and satisfaction
• Choice to access content via easy payments or registration

Case Study

Hindu Business Line X Fewcents
Read this case study


• 5% increase in user registrations overall
• 3x more first party data than user registrations

“The Fewcents solution has made a positive impact on our user registration growth by giving the user more power to choose how they want to access our paid content."

- Pradeep Gairola, VP and Business Head, The Hindu Group

How It Works

• No additional integration work is required to set up a campaign. 
• Option to set up API to automate

Decide numbers of free content, messaging and creative, and targeting:
• Audience targeting
• Demographic targeting
• Topic targeting
• Geographic targeting

Immediately start collecting user consent for registrations

Use Fewcents Dashboards & APIs to track and optimize campaign based on target metrics

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Micropayments and Micro Access?

The key innovation of Micro Access is its flexibility and the reduction of barriers for users, especially those who may not find value in committing to long-term subscriptions.

  • Micropayments refer to small financial transactions, typically involving low sums of money. It allows consumers to make small payments to access individual pieces of digital content, such as articles, podcasts, or videos. In the micropayments model, money is directly paid to publishers and creators for their content.
  • Micro Access, as developed by Fewcents with our Fewcents Wall solution, builds upon the concept of micropayments but extends it by adding an additional dimension of flexibility and choice. In addition to a micropayment, micro access also enables access to a single piece of content in exchange for first party data. This approach broadens the ways in which users can engage with content, providing them with the choice between paying with money or sharing some form of data.
What is Fewcents Wall?

Fewcents Wall is a plug-and-play widget which is designed to enable Micro Access for digital media. It creates choice for users and monetization opportunities for publishers.

Fewcents Wall comes bundled with a paywall, Fewcents Beacon, and Fewcents Sponsorships and works across all content formats. For users, it is a regulated wallet supporting payments in 90+ currencies, single account and universal login. It embeds into a website and integrates easily with existing CMS and subscription software through a few lines of code. Integration can take between 30 mins and 2 weeks, after which there is no need for further technology team involvement.

Fewcents Paywall
Fewcents Wall Benefits
Will Fewcents Wall cannibalize my subscriptions?

Far from cannibalizing subscriptions, the Fewcents Wall will support and grow subscriptions by providing data and monetization solutions. Through pay-per-content and by tapping into casual readers and non-subscribers, publishers will unlock new incremental revenue, gain access to vital first-party data, and build a subscription funnel.

Who Do We Target?

Every publisher’s website has roughly 98% of users who are casual visitors and never-subscribers. They are a significant and untapped market. Fewcents targets these users, rather than high potential subscribers. 

How Do We Target Casual Visitors?

Through strategies like smart pricing for infrequent users and rules, we are able to segment casual visitors and monetize them through payments and data sharing.

  • Smart pricing: Publishers can set prices for content access which will entice both frequent and infrequent users. Frequent users will discover that subscribing offers better value. Infrequent users will prefer the pay-per-content option because of its attractive price and lack of commitment
  • Rules: Publishers can use one or a combination of rules to segregate casual visitors

In addition, by providing a one-click frictionless user experience, the Fewcents Wall engages users who would otherwise have left a publisher's site.

Fewcents Wall Benefits
What is the effort required to integrate fewcents?

Fewcents Wall is a low effort solution and only requires a few lines of code. Integration can take between 30 mins and 2 weeks, after which there is no need for further technology team involvement. Most changes are easily performed via the Fewcents Dashboard - eg. pricing changes, geofencing, category or content selection for paywall activation etc,.

Built to integrate with existing online media systems
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