First Party Data

Data driven insights for digital media

Enhance First Party Data Collection

Fewcents captures valuable first party, anonymous, and performance data in a secure, data compliant manner. This data can be sliced, combined, and customized. Data captured includes:

Insights from Micro Access

Micro access provides an understanding of the value of each and every piece of content provides invaluable insights and can’t be captured via regular analytics or subscriptions.

These insights help multiple teams within the organization, from product & tech, to editorial, business, and audience development teams.

A powerful example of insight includes the ability to identify what content can be considered as “high quality”.

Insights for:

• Green Content will drive subscriptions, so re-engage users with this content to drive subscriptions

• Blue content has high conversions, but low traffic - consider surfacing this content more on your own site, and via social / SEO to drive up traffic

• Yellow content will drive traffic acquisition

• Green Content is the publisher’s quality content. Produce more similar types of content to drive audience engagement, subscriptions

• Invest more time/effort in Green/Blue Content, putting your best content creators on it, while reducing red content production. Put less experienced staff on the yellow content to ensure high volumes

• Green Content is converting well. Consider increasing the pricing, and putting more such content behind the paywall

• If you don’t have subscriptions yet, green content is where you should start

• Use yellow content to drive ad revenues and drive up pageviews. Consider reducing price or removing paywalls on this content

What about data privacy?

• Only data generated by users on a publishers’ own sites will be shared with them.  Fewcents’ privacy policy gets this consent from users
• Fewcents does not share data generated by one publisher to another publisher
• Fewcents follows global data privacy guidelines, and allows users to delete their account

Case Study

Manila Times X Fewcents
Read this case study


• Started with Archives to identify quality content
• More First Party Data (57% of total)
• Incremental Revenue (3x ads)

“Fewcents gives us valuable data to understand what content users are willing to pay for”

- Dante Ang 2nd, Chairman and CEO, The Manila Times

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the effort required to integrate fewcents?

Fewcents Wall is a low effort solution and only requires a few lines of code. Integration can take between 30 mins and 2 weeks, after which there is no need for further technology team involvement. Most changes are easily performed via the Fewcents Dashboard - eg. pricing changes, geofencing, category or content selection for paywall activation etc,.

Built to integrate with existing online media systems
Integration Efforts
Will publishers be able to access data, and how is data sharing handled?

Yes. Publishers will receive data from Fewcents on their own website/content performance. The data is secure and the sharing methods can be customized to the publisher’s needs using the Fewcents Dashboard, CSV downloads or API connectivity.

Fewcents strictly adheres to worldwide data protection guidelines and best practices, including user consented data collection and access to publisher’s authorized data only.

Integration Efforts
What reporting do I get access to?

Fewcents provides a dashboard with detailed performance reports. Standard reports include daily/weekly/monthly performance statistics based on conversions, yields, geographies, device type, etc. Customized reports can be created as well. 

Reports can also be fed into ‌publishers’ data systems via secure APIs.

Reporting and Administration
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