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April 25, 2023

5 minutes

AnyMind Group’s FourM and Fewcents Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Micro Access to Japanese Publishers

AnyMind Group’s Japan-based publisher trading desk subsidiary, FourM and Fewcents have joined forces in a strategic partnership to bring a new innovation of micro access to digital publishers in Japan. This partnership will enable global consumers to access premium Japanese digital content with micropayments and micro-sponsorships, paying only for the content they wish to consume. FourM, with a large network of digital publishers in Japan, will exclusively provide Fewcents' micro access solutions in Japan.

Publishers in Japan face challenges in monetizing their digital content, with many exploring revenue streams beyond traditional advertising models. Paid subscriptions are the main alternative, but less than 1% of users pay for a subscription. Fewcents’ micro access solutions will provide Japanese publishers with a much-needed additional revenue stream. According to data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan's digital content market is worth 8.5 trillion yen, with the online content market expected to reach 4.5 trillion yen as content becomes more digitally transformed.

"We are excited to partner with Fewcents to offer our clients a new way to monetize their digital content. Fewcents technology is best-in-class for micropayments, allowing our clients to access a new revenue stream”
- Hitoshi Maruyama, Managing Director of Publisher Growth, AnyMind Group

Fewcents in Japan will address unique local needs, including local currency, payment methods, and language, targeting all types of digital publishers, including local, national, business, manga, anime content.

"We are delighted to collaborate with AnyMind and bring our technology to Japanese audiences, making content accessible and affordable"
- Abhishek Dadoo, CEO and co-founder Fewcents

Fewcents is based in Singapore and has a proven track record with experience in enabling micro access to over 100 publishers globally like The Post and Courier in the US, The Manila Times in the Philippines, and Sakal in India to grow their revenue and first party data.

As part of a wider suite of offerings, AnyMind Group works with 1300+ publishers in Japan and across Asia to provide its proprietary platform for publishers, AnyManager, to help them monetize their digital content with digital advertising. This partnership will allow AnyMind Group’s FourM to offer an important additional monetization method to their clients in Japan.


Fewcents is on a mission to make good content easily monetizable so that publishers can focus their efforts on writing enriching and authentic stories. With Fewcents, you can monetize the in-between space between subscriptions and advertising.

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