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Fewcents is a plug-and-play paywall and contributions solution to collect small payments for individual content (text, video, or downloadable files) in 200+ currencies from audiences across the globe.

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How does Fewcents work?


Tipjar is a tool that allows your audience to make voluntary contributions to you. As the name implies, with Tipjar your audience can leave you tips and show their appreciation for your content. Tipjar is also a perfect tool to raise awareness and donations for social causes and charities.

Perfect for You: If you have a website and want to receive contributions from readers and grow your email list.


With Linkout, you can easily create a landing page that you can use to monetize your social media content and convert your followers and fans to paying users. By sharing your Linkout link, you can redirect followers from any of your social platforms (Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc) to a landing page where they can show their appreciation by leaving you a tip. You can collect payments and tips from your global audience regardless of their location.

Perfect for You: If you are a social media creator on Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.


Paywall is a Fewcents tool that helps you monetize quality content on your website. You can use it to create a paywall for text, video, audio content, or file downloads. Basically, you can lock some of your content behind a paywall so that your audience has to pay to access it. With the Fewcents comprehensive platform, you have access to detailed reporting, create different pricing levels for content, and set your prices based on the location of your audience. 

Perfect for You: If you have a digital magazine, niche content site or news website.

Integrate Any CMS

Our Wordpress Plugin enables you to integrate Fewcents Paywall or Tipjar on any number of text articles. Control the price by article category and geographies. For Joomla, Ghost, or any other CMS, a 30-minute video call can get you started.


Embed Fewcents Paywall inside any video.js-based video player: HTML5, Brightcove, Vimeo, JW Player, and DailyMotion (sorry! no YouTube 🙂). Control at what timestamp the Fewcents Paywall is triggered.


Podcast monetization seems limited. With Fewcents you can embed our Paywall inside any audio player. You can control the time stamp when you want to trigger the Fewcents Paywall.


Be it a .PDF recipe book, a .XLS expense tracker template, a .DOC travel itinerary, or a .PNG of your latest artwork, Fewcents can help you monetize your downloadable assets, effortlessly.

Monetize Global Audiences

Collect payments from your global audiences. Fewcents is pre-integrated with 200+ local payment options across 100+ countries.

First-Party Data

Analyze who is willing to pay, how much, from which country, and for which content (and content type) and optimize your plans to cater to all audience pockets.

"More than 40% of our traffic is from outside India. So being able to easily collect global payments while ensuring a seamless payment experience for our audience was critical. Fewcents was an obvious choice because of its deep fintech foundation that supports 80+ currencies and enables audiences from 70+ countries to pay through their preferred local payment methods.
Gayeti Singh
Co-Founder & Editor, The Citizen
I started FII to offer accessible resources on the feminist movement in India. We have a 1000+ writers community and a strong editorial team who ensure our content is well-researched, insightful, and educational. To recognize our efforts, Fewcents Tipjar was the perfect solution. Not only does it support our global audience, it also has a WordPress plugin that guaranteed a quick and easy integration.
Japleen Pasricha
Founder of Feminism In India
We are thrilled to be able to offer would-be readers another way to explore our news stories. Fewcents gives us a way to provide more flexibility for visitors to our site
PJ Browning
President and Publisher of the The Post and Courier
Tipjar is a great opportunity for us to experiment and get more data on what content our readers value the most. It's easy to install and navigate, which is especially relevant for us at this stage of our development.
Jakub Parusinski
The Fix
This new feature on Indonesiana was presented to appreciate the writers on the channel. Every article is the fruit of the author's thoughts. Of course, apart from spreading ideas, their writing should be able to provide material benefits for writers. That's why we facilitate it by collaborating with Fewcents to monetize content.
Anton Septian
Executive Editor, Tempo Inti Media
One-click secure tipping, contextual pricing & currency-change based on the readers’ geographic location, and including the Tipjar on every article were the deal-winners for us. Fewcents is truly revolutionizing small, à-la-carte payments for publishers and readers.
Mithun Kidambi
Head of Product and Revenue, The Wire

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