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Fewcents Rewards

Sponsor access to premium content with Fewcents Rewards.

Fewcents is on a mission to enable high yield monetization solutions for high quality digital content. Other than direct payments, Fewcents Wall allows brands to sponsor access to publishers’ premium content in exchange for consented user data.
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Rewards Ecosystem

Rewards Ecosystem: Publishers


  • Get higher conversions for their paywall content
  • No extra integration work - comes out of the box from Fewcents
  • Have control of the sponsor blacklist for their site
Rewards Ecosystem: Sponsors


  • Target CPL campaigns based on publisher and user geo
  • Receive context-qualified leads in real-time via API or offline
  • Get multiple brand exposures as users access multiple units of content from the same reward
Rewards Ecosystem: Users


  • Get free immediate access and satisfaction
  • Retain the choice to access content vis easy payments

How does Fewcents Rewards work?