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Case Study

March 9, 2023

4 min read

Driving Subscriptions and Engagement: The Post and Courier Leverages Fewcents Micro Access for Tangible Results

See how The Post and Courier significantly increased subscriptions and engagement by integrating Fewcents Micro Access, driving tangible results in digital content monetization.

"We are in an environment where we are constantly testing new technology to engage and capture subscribers. We were pleased with the positive impact Fewcents has had on driving email addresses for top of funnel and look forward to innovating more with them in the future.”

PJ Browning

President & Publisher of The Post and Courier

The Challenge

The Post and Courier, South Carolina's enduring voice in news since the 1800s, reached a digital-age crossroads. With a vast readership spanning from the J-league to global soccer enthusiasts, the challenge lay in harnessing a revenue model that didn't solely rely on ads but also increased subscriptions. While the allure of subscriptions was evident, there was a palpable hesitation. Could their vast audience, primarily accustomed to free content, be convinced to pay for digital content?

How Fewcents Helped

The Post and Courier collaborated with Fewcents using its innovative Paywall bundled solution:

Expanding The User Base

Fewcents didn't just increase revenue; it also served as a powerful tool for collecting first party data, providing invaluable insights for marketing campaigns

Data-Driven Engagement

Using Fewcents’ data analytics, the Post and Courier could tailor content offerings, creating more value for readers and driving higher engagement

Dynamic Pricing and Content Strategy

The Fewcents dashboard allowed real-time pricing adjustments based on user behavior and content preferences

Flexible Integration

Fewcents Wall not only integrated effortlessly with WordPress but was also designed to coexist with the Post and Courier's existing subscription strategy

User-Centric Access

Fewcents Wall introduced a paradigm shift – readers could choose to access individual articles either by making a small payment or by simply registering

What We Achieved Together

The collaboration bore fruit in tangible metrics:

User Growth

Monthly subscriptions grew by 4.2%, attributed to users acquired via Fewcents

Higher Conversions

4% of users accessing content via Fewcents eventually transitioned to full subscriptions

Email Outreach

There was a threefold increase in monthly email address collection


Fewcents Wall demonstrated that with the right strategy, it is possible to drive subscriptions without alienating users accustomed to free content. By offering micro access options, the Post and Courier not only generated additional revenue but also enriched their user engagement and data collection capabilities.

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