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Case Study

November 2, 2023

4 min read

Transforming Hindu BusinessLine's User Experience: Growing User Registrations and First Party Data by Giving Users More Choice

Discover how Hindu BusinessLine, in collaboration with Fewcents, significantly increased user registrations and first-party data by offering more access choices to their audience.

“The Fewcents solution has made a positive impact on our user registration growth by giving the user more power to choose how they want to access our paid content.”

Pradeep Gairola

VP and Business Head, The Hindu Group

The Challenge

Hindu BusinessLine (HBL), a leading Indian business newspaper, sought to enhance its first-party data and user registration in response to the diminishing utility of third party cookies. Despite being a reputed source for business professionals, investors, and the general public, simply offering a registration option on their site proved insufficient. HBL aimed to deepen direct user relationships, intensify subscriber growth, refine user engagement, and discern the content users value most.

How Fewcents Helped

Fewcents introduced a novel solution with Fewcents Wall, providing users choice-driven access to HBL's premium content. Instead of just a paywall, users could now:

Register on HBL and access the desired content for free

Make a minimal payment for individual content access

The offering was designed for user convenience with pre-populated emails and a simple consent checkbox. Additionally, this was offered alongside HBL's existing subscription model. The integration process was seamless, aligning with HBL's existing subscription, identity, and customer data frameworks.

"HBL & Fewcents have developed a great way to originate first-party data. Using this data and leveraging CleverTap's capability to ingest data in real-time and craft customized engagements with different audience segments, HBL is able to unlock greater customer lifetime value."

Dinesh V Sathappan

Customer Success, CleverTap

What We Achieved Together

Customized Engagement

In collaboration with Clevertap, HBL utilized real-time data from Fewcents to tailor engagement strategies for different audience segments, amplifying user interaction and retention

Audience Segmentation

The data allowed HBL to classify 3 audiences: 1) Those willing to pay, 2) Those eager to register for content access 3) Those needing further engagement

Data Acquisition

Acquired three times more first-party data over the user registrations alone

User Registration Boost

HBL experienced a 5% surge in user registrations post Fewcents' integration


HBL's collaboration with Fewcents underscored the importance of user choice and the value of data in fostering trust and conversions. Personalized, real-time engagement strategies tailored for different audience segments have been pivotal in escalating user involvement and loyalty. The success of this partnership has spurred plans to expand Fewcents' solutions to HBL's sister publication, Frontline, and explore potential brand sponsorship collaborations.

“We are extremely proud of our partnership with The Hindu Group, and ability to integrate with Clevertap and Piano. What better validation is there than to have The Hindu Group’s expand the Fewcents solution to Frontline!”

Dushyant Khare

Co-founder, Fewcents

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