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Case Study

October 20, 2023

4 min read

Football Channel x Fewcents: Creating a Profitable Model for Quality Soccer Content Access

Discover how Football Channel Online elevated its revenue stream with Fewcents, creating a sustainable model for monetizing quality soccer content without compromising ad revenues.

"The introduction of Fewcents' micro-payments revealed the willingness of Japanese users to pay for digital content....micro-payments could become a low-risk method to initiate payment models. Leveraging this data, we plan to focus on high-revenue articles, enhancing the coexistence of advertising monetization and paid content."


Editor-in-chief, Football Critique Online

The Challenge

Football Channel, also known as "f-chan", stands as a beacon for Japanese soccer enthusiasts, delivering comprehensive news and interviews from local to global events. Historically, ad revenues facilitated free access to all content. However, to elevate the quality and frequency of content, especially from their magazine, Football Critique, they required a revenue model that complemented their ad-based strategy. The daunting challenge was finding a model without massive investments and ensuring that the Japanese audience would engage.

How Fewcents Helped

Fewcents offered a breakthrough with its Fewcents Wall:

Dynamic Pricing

The Fewcents dashboard facilitated real-time pricing adjustments, tailoring the experience for users and maximizing revenue potential

Flexible Content Strategy

F-chan started conservatively, increasing premium content behind Fewcents Wall while retaining their primary free content - ensuring ad revenue stability

Low-risk, High-reward

Fewcents Wall provided an avenue for user-driven revenue without the substantial overhead of traditional subscription models

Seamless Integration

Compatible with WordPress, Fewcents Wall was swiftly integrated, maintaining user experience quality

“Fewcents’ innovative approach to micro-access, with convenient local payment methods and easy implementation, makes the Fewcents solution very powerful.”

Hitoshi Maruyama


What We Achieved Together

Rich User Data

Fewcents not only brought a new revenue stream but also provided invaluable first-party data, which is vital for content and pricing optimization

Stable Ad Revenues

Even with the Fewcents Wall integration, ad revenues remained undisturbed

Enhanced RPMs

Fewcents delivered a Page Revenue Per Mille (RPM) that was 3.5x more effective than traditional ads


The collaboration between Fewcents and Football Channel Online debunked the myth that Japanese users are hesitant to pay for digital content. Micropayments, when positioned correctly, can outperform traditional ad revenues without cannibalizing them. This low-risk model allowed F-chan to discern user preferences, understand pricing thresholds, and most importantly, amplify investment in quality content.

“We are delighted with the results Fewcents has been able to deliver for Football Critique Online. We are confident we can improve these even further, with the help of first-party data and analytics provided by Fewcents.”

Dushyant Khare

Co-founder, Fewcents

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