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February 23, 2023

8 min read

Fewcents Rewards multiplies user conversions for Publishers, boosts lead generation for Brands

Explore how Fewcents Rewards transformed user conversions for publishers and lead generation for brands, achieving remarkable increases with simple integration.

"Fewcents Rewards opened up a new revenue stream through an easy to implement feature. There was no extra integration effort and we saw a 4x increase in paywall conversions.”

Niyati Rajput

Subscription Lead, BQ Prime


About Fewcents

Fewcents paywall allows users to micro access individual articles, videos, and podcasts for small and easy payments. Fewcents Rewards enables brands to target audiences and sponsor instant micro access if the user opts-in to share data with the sponsoring brand.

About the Publishers

BQ Prime is an Indian business and financial news organization that has established a news and perspective service providing insightful coverage of the Indian economy, business, international financial markets, law, and policy.

Founding Fuel is a media and learning platform that serves a community of entrepreneurial leaders with premium multi-media stories and insightful conversations on leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, and growth.

About the Sponsoring Brand

IIM Lucknow is a premier management institution in India, providing education in the field of management through its world-class courses.

The Challenges

For the Publisher

Monetising content has been a well-known struggle for all digital publishers. Micro-access has already improved monetization by providing high yields. However, there are still a large number of users who want to access the content but are abandoning the cart.

For publishers, the challenge was to get a higher percentage of users to complete actions on their paywalls.

For IIM Lucknow

The management institution, IIM Lucknow, wanted to target and collect relevant leads from senior working professionals who could be interested in its executive education program.

With existing solutions, audience match has been a struggle, the quality of data has been low, but the costs are high.

The Solution - Fewcents Rewards

Rewards Ecosystem
Compliant slice atop a pile of other slices Compliant slice atop a pile of other slices
Fewcents Paywall on Founding Fuel and BQ Prime

For the Publishers

Fewcents Rewards boosted user conversions with no extra integration effort. It allowed users to access premium content by sharing their first-party data with the sponsor.

This feature reduces user friction and converts many more users since they can access the content with a few clicks for free.

For IIM Lucknow

Fewcents was able to find a match between IIM Lucknow's target group and audiences of BQ Prime and Founding Fuel - experienced, working professionals who may be interested in executive education.

With Fewcents Rewards, IIM Lucknow was able to put its message across to the right set of users and was able to collect data by rewarding instant micro-access to content.

The Rewards feature made lead generation quick, simple, and cost-effective, with explicit consent from the users.

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‍The Approach

  • Targeting the Fewcents Rewards campaign through a simple checkout page on the Fewcents platform;
Fewcents checkout
Users can unlock by sharing data or with Micro-payment
Fewcents dashboard
Easy setup & geo targeting with Fewcents dashboard
  • Easy to set up & geo-targeting - Through the Fewcents dashboard, the entire process is easy to set up, with an option of custom forms for lead generation;
  • Using geo-targeting, brands can get at the forefront of the most appropriate audiences for maximum resonance and impact;
  • No additional integration is required by the publishers to use the Rewards feature;
  • Fewcents is privacy compliant and holds data security in high regard.

"The Fewcents Rewards campaign has created a win-win for our users and us. While it enabled free access to a select set of premium stories for our users, we saw a significant uptick in trials and conversions. We see the rewards campaign as an important step in our journey of building a sustainable digital publishing model."

Indrajit Gupta

Co-founder & Director, Founding Fuel

The Results

Fewcents Rewards has been a win-win-win solution for the publishers, the brands, and the users. The publishers have found a way to super-charge conversions, the brands have generated quality leads at a reasonable cost, and users have found a frictionless way to access premium content.


Conversions shot up for both publishers:

  • BQ Prime conversions increased by 4X
  • Founding Fuel conversions increased by 15X


  • 90% of the leads were verified as high quality, and only 5% were incorrect data
  • Low cost
  • High ROAS

*U2opia is a digital marketing agency for the campaign sponsor, IIM Lucknow

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• Mapping of the brands to the relevant publishers, where the target group match is critical for delivering value to all the stakeholders. • Easy-to-navigate, simple, and user-friendly forms lead to minimal drop-offs from users. • Quick processing of the leads - It was vital for the advertiser to contact all new leads quickly and with context of the claimed reward.

“It has been a pleasure working with Fewcents in the last quarter. The leads we received were of high quality and low cost. The team’s immense support and agile responses made the campaign a success. Their work with us on the website and Internet marketing has made a significant difference to our business.”

Vivek Soni

Sr. Delivery Manager, U2opia Mobile Pvt. Ltd.

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