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Case Study

May 15, 2023

4 min read

Transforming Historia's Revenue: Fewcents' Micro-Access Solutions Drive 80x Increase in Transactions

By implementing Fewcents' Micro-Access Solutions, Historia experienced a substantial increase in transactions, revenue, and user engagement.

“Moving our pay-per-article solution to Fewcents has been a great decision for Historia, not only to meaningfully increase conversions, get a high volume of first party data, and free up our tech team’s time, but also is helping us to build a better subscription strategy.”

Bonnie Triyana

Founder and Chief Editor, Historia

The Challenge

Historia, the oldest online history magazine in Indonesia, faced challenges with their homegrown pay-per-article solution, including low conversions, low traffic, high internal technical development and maintenance efforts, and limited administration capabilities.

How Fewcents Helped

Partnering with Fewcents and implementing our micro-access unit addressed Historia's challenges:

Enhanced Analytics

Fewcents' Dashboard empowered Historia's business team with administration, management, and analysis capabilities, allowing them to leverage first-party data effectively.

Expert Consultation and Support

The Fewcents team worked with Historia to optimize pricing and content strategies based on best practices and performance analysis.

Simplified Payments

The unit enabled both local and international payment methods, providing convenience to Historia’s users.

Streamlined Integration

Fewcents' micro-access unit is an out-of-the-box solution which seamlessly integrated with Historia's CMS (Webflow) within two days, requiring minimal technical effort.

What We Achieved Together

The results of implementing Fewcents' Micro-Access Solutions were remarkable:

Automated content recommendations

Fewcents' micro-access solutions drove 4.5x more traffic to premium articles through personalized recommendations.

Improved user experience

Average RPM (Revenue per 1000 pageviews) increased 15x compared to programmatic ads, indicating higher user engagement.

Motivated Editorial team

The success of the micro-access unit inspired Historia's editorial team to double their production of premium articles.

Reduced tech team dependence

Historia's tech team saved time by easily putting articles behind paywalls and adjusting pricing based on performance data.


By implementing Fewcents' Micro-Access Solutions, Historia experienced a substantial increase in transactions, revenue, and user engagement. The simplified payment process and enhanced analytics provided by Fewcents' micro-access unit freed up the tech team's time and motivated the editorial team to create more premium content. Overall, the collaboration with Fewcents transformed Historia's revenue generation and user experience.

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