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Case Study

April 4, 2022

2 min read

Unlocking Subscription Success: DailySocial ID Boosts Subscribers by 8% with Fewcents

Discover how DailySocial ID leveraged Fewcents to achieve an 8% subscriber increase. This case study showcases the strategic use of micropayments to enhance subscription models

"Fewcents played a pivotal role in our subscription growth. More than 8% of our existing subscribers began their journey with Fewcents before opting for our subscription."

Rama Mamuaya


The Challenge

Founded in 2008, DailySocial stands as Indonesia's leading tech portal, delving into startups, gadgets, gaming, and more. In the wake of declining ad revenues and a changing digital landscape, they contemplated a shift to a subscription model in 2020. Yet, they grappled with essential questions:

  • Is their content compelling enough to warrant payment?
  • Would their predominantly Indonesian audience, with only 19% historically paying for online news, see value in a subscription?
  • How could they craft a robust subscriber funnel, given the global 1% conversion rate from total audience to paid subscribers?

Their quest for data-driven solutions led them to Fewcents.

How Fewcents Helped

DailySocial harnessed the potential of Fewcents by introducing the Fewcents Paywall in August 2020. Key integrations included:

Pay-Per-Content Plugin

Compatible with multiple formats, including articles, podcasts, videos, and downloads

Monetizing Premium Articles

Nurturing non-subscribers and reinforcing the subscriber funnel

Revenue from Special Reports

Introducing a fresh revenue stream through downloadable reports

Actionable Insights

Harnessing first party data to pinpoint who's willing to pay, how much, for what content, and from which region

With these pivotal changes and an enriched content strategy, DailySocial rolled out its subscription model in November 2020.

What We Achieved Together

Data-Driven Transition to Subscription

Over 8% of DailySocial ID's subscribers began as Fewcents pay-per-article users before fully committing to a subscription

Incremental Revenue Growth

Through Fewcents' pay-per-download model, average monthly report downloads witnessed a 2.7x surge. Plus, a steady 54% MoM growth in paid RPM from May 2021

Localized Payment Solutions

An impressive 71% of payments were through local Indonesian digital wallets, exemplifying Fewcents' adaptability


DailySocial's collaboration with Fewcents epitomizes the power of strategic micro payments in amplifying subscription growth in today's digital age.

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