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EP. 01

December 20, 2021

Sophia Solanki

Building a High-Performing Content Creation Process

Episode Description

In today’s information age, there is no bigger differentiator than quality content. This is especially true for creators and publishers whose entire business depends on consistently churning out quality content - which is easier said than done.

Does this sound familiar to you - taking longer than planned to create briefs; losing track or visibility after the ideation stage; challenges with collaborating; inability to incorporate feedback on the fly. If yes, this episode of FewWords is for you.

In our maiden episode, we have Sophia Solanki, CEO & Founder of Narrato who spoke a few words on building a high-performing content creation process that delivers high content ROI. We cover:

  • What an efficient, high-performing content creation process looks like?
  • What should the north star metric be for measuring a content creation process?
  • Limitations of using generic project management tools for content creation
  • How to look at content formats and best practices for repurposing old content?
  • Exploring monetization models

If you found Sophia’s opinions interesting, you can reach her at:



Sophia Solanki
CEO & Founder of Narrato
Sophia is a serial entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in solving multiple problems across the content production value chain. Narrato is her latest product platform for content creation and collaboration, where she is the CEO & Founder. Before Narrato, she founded Godot Media, a content services agency and Drumup, a content recommendations and social media management software.

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