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EP. 05

July 5, 2022

Simon Owens

Transitioning and Growing as an Independent Creator

Episode Description

In this episode, we are joined by Simon Owens - a media and publishing veteran, who has moved on to become an independent creator in recent years. He brings with him a chest full of learnings and will be sharing them with everyone in today’s episode.

The episode covers:

  • Simon’s experience with starting off and growing as a creator
  • How to evaluate creator platforms such as Patreon, Substack, and more?
  • Simon’s approach to monetization and revenue generation
  • How to transition from audio-only to video podcasts?
  • Simon’s opinions on web3, creator economy
Simon Owens
Content and Social Media Marketing Consultant
Simon Owens is a longtime journalist, marketer, and PR professional. He began his career as a newspaper reporter covering local government in Virginia. In 2008, he moved to Washington, DC to work at a marketing agency while simultaneously serving as an associate editor at PBS’ MediaShift. He has conducted PR, content marketing, and social media strategy for dozens of companies, organizations, and individuals, including Google, Comcast, Forbes, ESPN, C-SPAN, and Nike. For two years he was an assistant managing editor at US News & World Report. While there, he built out the company’s then-nascent social media presence. His writing has appeared in The Atlantic, New York Magazine, Politico, Scientific American, Forbes, Harvard’s Nieman Lab, The Next Web, Daily Dot,, and US News & World Report. He now edits an industry newsletter that covers everything from the Creator Economy to traditional media. He also hosts The Business of Content, a podcast about how publishers create, distribute, and monetize digital content.

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