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EP. 06

October 11, 2022

Antoine Nazaret

What's happening with video content in 2022

Episode Description

According to the State of Digital Publishing, in 2022, video content will drive 65% of digital publishing! That’s a massive opportunity for publishers as well as creators to explore and monetize.

What better way is there to understand the trends in video content than a veteran who’s been involved in innovating, growing, and scaling one of the largest video streaming platforms - Dailymotion. Coming with 19 years of experience and in-depth knowledge in the media industry, Antoine Nazaret will drop some knowledge bombs in today’s FewWords episode around:

  • Trends in video content and what is Dailymotion doing about these trends?
  • How to monetize video content?
  • How Dailymotion utilizes data to achieve business goals?
  • Future of audio and podcasting solutions
  • Creator economy and link-in-bio solutions
Antoine Nazaret
Former VP APAC: Dailymotion
Antoine headed the Asia Pacific market at Dailymotion, the leading video technology provider and one of the largest video streaming platforms that supports publishers to leverage video content to the fullest. With 19 years of experience and in-depth knowledge in the media industry, Antoine leads a cross-functional team across the region and collaborates with top publishers in APAC countries such as One India, GMA network, ABC News, and many more to accelerate their digital growth.

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