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EP. 02

March 22, 2022

Sonali Verma

Origin Story of, Change Management in Newsrooms, and Subscription Fatigue

Episode Description

So you've decided to go down the subscription road? Great! Whether you've already selected a paywall vendor or are still exploring vendors, you will soon face an inevitable challenge - change management! Implementing a paywall, managing change, building new processes, and enabling teams on them will eventually define the success of this implementation.

In today's episode, we have Sonali Verma, Director of Business Development at, part of The Globe and Mail. She played a key role in building Sophi, ensuring its adoption at The Globe and Mail, and delivering enough success internally to warrant selling the platform to publishers worldwide. Sonali will talk about:

  • Sophi's origin story
  • Challenges faced in driving its adoption at The Globe and Mail
  • First-party data strategies and customer lifetime value
  • Subscription fatigue - a myth or reality

Keen to explore Sophi further, you can write to Sonali's team at

Sonali Verma
Director, Business Development, Sophi, The Globe and Mail
Sonali Verma works with the data science team at the Globe and Mail, which is Canada’s national newspaper. She is Director of Business Development for their Sophi artificial intelligence system. It’s an engine for automation, prediction, and optimization that is used by publishers on five continents. Sonali was previously deputy head of audience in the Globe newsroom and senior editor in charge of audience engagement, overseeing its digital pages as well as social media operations. She earlier worked as a reporter, editor, and producer at Reuters, CNBC, and Bloomberg.

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